The first completely commercial female rapper to hit the scene, with her playful self seen in her lyrics you can’t help but love her Glam Swag. Her love for Hiphop started when she was 12 where she started recording in her garage without a mic and even then people could notice her talent, even on really bad quality recordings. She then joined forces with her childhood friend lalla a songstress and formed the duo group called Kairayne which was a mix of Rnb and Hiphop. They recorded the single called wildest dreams produced by the Gobbla, together which introduced both of the two new artists. Gwopboyz entertainment heard her music and loved her swag therefore she became the first lady of Gwopboyz. Now at 19 she is currently working on her mixtape that already is getting hype before it’s even completed. He first single solo is called “Gotta have it” produced by Yungshine where she features Juan take who is one of the founders of Gwopboyz Entertainment and the person that discovered her. Here she linked up with established producers such as the Gobbla and Blazemoney. With her Zimbabwean origins her sound is already on an international level and when she soon becomes well known in the African market it only a matter of time till she breaks through internationally. She’s not only a cute face but a driven hard worker and will not settle for anything less than the best! Watch out for Miss Nakai! And her rise to fame!